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Welcome to Infosec with Experience consulting. I'm Stefan. Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, Founder of your trusted information security partner - Infosec With Experience ®™. As Technology person interested in areas of computer science with over a decade of experience in Security and Mobile Industry, I spent past 15 years as lead consultant and CTO in some of the industry leading mobile companies, including RoutoTelecom, CS Networks, ETalc Technologies, AlterVibes media, NetSeT and VROfficePlace Providing services to both small - medium businesses, public sector and government institutions on multiple continents.

We have track record in Information Security, Audits and Vulnerabilities assessments, serving Fortune 500 companies, Successful Telecom operators built from scratch, PKI Solutions, Enterprise Government Security Systems including Passport productions, Personal Electronic Citizen Idnetifications and recognized academic work in computer science - now with the top notch team working round the clock, look no further for consultancy services. Check Services Page to see areas of computer science We can assist you with in your day to day business operations and discover why our customers on multiple continents secure their most valuable assets with our expertise.
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