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Layer 7 inspection keeps us safe. As long as we are able to inspect.

In: SSL, Inspection, Re-encryption, Security, BYOD

HTTPS inspection, it’s something that become crucial in protecting mission critical infrastructures
How do you handle such scenarios in corporate BYOD environment?

By: Stefan Ćertić May 3rd 2018

VPN Protection that really protects.

In: VPN, Bonding, IEEE 802.3ad, Link Aggregation, VPN Security

Want a secure transmission? Here is a simple one.
IPSEC, MultipleWan's and 802.3ad Link Aggregation

By: Stefan Ćertić May 3rd 2018

POS terminal PIN-based Scam is Getting Popular Again

In: Credit Card, Fraud, POS, Terminal, PIN

If you need to enter your PIN twice, it could be a reason to check Twice.
Maybe you are paying the value of your PIN :)

By: Stefan Ćertić May 3rd 2018

Applying Bayesian in Data Retention.

In: Data Retention, Security, Bayesian Theorem, Privacy

Applying Bayesian in Data Retention.
When 100% is not as half of that.

By: Stefan Ćertić April 5th 2018

Reverse Social Engineering in Today's CyberPunk Age.

In: Social Engineering, Security, Deep Learning, Privacy

Reverse Social Engineering in Today's CyberPunk Age.
This is getting tricky.

By: Stefan Ćertić March 23th 2018

GridCoin, the future of cryptocurrency

In: Blockchain, Crypto, Cryptocurrency

GridCoin is universal measure for processing power.
It could easy become more expensive then bitcoin.

By: Stefan Ćertić November 5th 2017

TensorFlow Powered Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

In: Robotics,AI, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, Neural Networks

What is like to run TensorFlow powered vacuum cleaner?
Grab a project on GitHub and build your own..

By: Stefan Ćertić October 24th 2017

Net Neutrality, what is the buzz about

In: Location, Exploit, Hack, Social Engineering

What's behind the storry of net neutrality.
Who is fighthing who, and who is about to win and how.

By: Stefan Ćertić September 25th 2017

How you are getting located.

In: Location, Exploit, Hack, Social Engineering

Learn about social engineering and technology hand in hand.
Your social habits disclose more then you think.

By: Stefan Ćertić February 8th 2017

Government domains SSL Policy Oversight

In: SSL, Exploit, Policy, Legal

Serious security issue and missleading trust
Proposal for open debate and policy updates.

By: Stefan Ćertić January 26th 2017

Bitcoin, the real history

In: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Legal

The purpose of creation and history.
Did you know bitcoin started as a tool for biggest tax evasion in history.

By: Stefan Ćertić February 8th 2017

Serbia IT Capitulation under US.

In: SSL, Exploit, Hacking, Politics

Serbian Goverment decides to rotect most sensitive citizen informations by US SSL Issuers.
Moreover, those who are not even registered at the theritory of Serbia.

By: Stefan Ćertić January 26th 2017

Android IMAP password Hack.

In: Android 7.1, Mobile, Exploit, Hacking

Do you know that Android 7.1 and prior will expose your IMAP password to anyone who can get hand on your unlocked phone?
Check the showcase that will keep you re-think about swipe unlock.

By: Stefan Ćertić December 10th 2016

Install Android 7.1 on Samsung Note 3

In: Android 7.1, Mobile, Custom Rom, Mods

Taste Android 7.1 on your old Samsung Note 3??
Download custom unofficial ROM from here and get the first impression without breaking your new S7 Edge.

By: Stefan Ćertić July 15th 2014

Ongoing Industry-Wide Espionage

In: Security, Mobile Security, Cyber Security

Are you really more secure with multiple layers of security?
You have probably noticed high initiative from industry leaders to double-triple secure your account so you can regain access in case you lose password. That’s perfectly fine. It helps you recover if you lose your credentials, but does it have a downside?

By: Stefan Ćertić July 15th 2014

How (M)Secure are You?

In: 2FA, Exploit, Social Engineering

Phone Call-based Authentication is vulnerable to Call Forwarding Exploit.
According to a research conducted, modern technology is facing dramatic security concerns in the approaches of two-step verification, especially the phone call-based one. Results are pointing to a serious exploit. “Your calls may be forwarded at any time without your knowledge.”

By: Stefan Ćertić July 15th 2015

Transhumanism for common people

In: Transhumanism, Philosophy, Technology

Empty streets, rainy day, hard time having anyone to pick up their phone and a message box: Would you like to upload your conscious. Yes, Remind me Tomorrow?

By: Stefan Ćertić July 15th 2015
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