Transhumanism for common people

How about uploading your brain?

Transhumanism for common people

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Like it or not, it seems to be the only way to go.

  • Since evolutionary concept has been mathematically and laboratory (first simulated self-generated parasite) proven, there’s no point discussing will it will continue developing to override problems of the species.
  • Increase in population and decrease of resources lead to unsustainable environment for any life form in very short period of time.
  • There is no way we can move to Mars or any other known planet due to fact we can’t adapt to local environment.
  • However, Server plant, in fact can work very well on Mars, or any other planet using nothing but the solar power.

Now can you prove your physical existence? How can be sure you are not already a piece of software? If you can’t - then what’s the difference.

It would be, however, very funny evolutionary paradox is software is migrating itself into another software. That kind of mirror effect sounds much more reliable to me then all quantum theory together.

How it happens already?

  • Thanks to evil called capitalism, everything is in service of profit, while generating profit means exploiting resources.
  • To cut the expenses and resources consumption, we easy adopt technology such as cell phones, personal computers, etc.
  • Now let’s jump into next level of technology called VR. Imagine it’s complete simulation of environment.
  • Put on your sunglasses, and you are at the office.
  • All physical sensation and collaboration without leaving your home.
  • No office rent expenses. No heating. No driving and traffic jams.
  • Imagine you don’t have to travel by plane to meet with friends and have a beer?
  • A sunglasses that connect your nervous system and gives you taste of the beer on Bahamas straight from your home?
  • Of course, there would be a lot of right fraction movements and non-supporters of this technology. At least, until they try VR Porn :) I don’t expect many loud speeches from nazi like guys against that sort of technology. I do expect them being occupied with a nice blonde called Helga 24/7 in their VR software.

Hmm! Empty streets, rainy day, hard time having anyone to pick up their phone - and a message box. Would you like to upload your conscious. Yes, Remind me Tomorrow?

Not much to chose from. Nor it should be :)

Stefan Ćertić
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