GridCoin - the currency of future

Imagine a cryptocurrency that's more expensive then bitcoin.

GridCoin - the currency of future

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A BOINC - A Berkeley based distributed computing project, the largest grid network of combined processing power for scientific research got a reward for it's supporters. A reward comes in form of open source, decentralised crypto-currency, GridCoin, or GRC if you like.

The idea is to reward those who donate processing power for scientific purposes through POR (Proof of Research) and POS (Proof of Stake) concept.

By donating your CPU to BOINC project you are earning GridCoins and also support research such as genetic decoding, space calculation and advanced physics. So it's safe to conclude that GRC is to become "an universal measure" for processing power.

Who needs processing power?

Other then Science, current utilisation of CPU/GPU power goes to crypto mining. It's just a matter of days when those miners will realize they could do much more by "buying" distributed computing poewr instead of investing in expensive gear. On the other side, those expensive gear could not mine nothing forever, as they currently do. Mining to support science not only sustainable but rewarding.

Congratulations! Soon you will be paying gridcoins to mine bitcoins resulting in more gridcoins being produced. Time to invest. Prepare your wallets.

Stefan Ćertić
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