Reverse Social Engineering in Today CyberPunk Age.

When Privacy get's tricky beyond Facebook Data Breach

Reverse Social Engineering in Today's CyberPunk Age.

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Despite technology development, social engineering is still used in combination with advanced technologies to discover and prevent crimes. However, in wrong hands, it might be powerful tool compromising your personal security. Especially today, when many hackers have access to SS7 network, with ability to execute Map commands to disclose your phone Cell ID location and similar data.

Let's assume hypothetical scenario you decide to "disappear from the radar"

Typical Wrong Way

  • You decide to become invisible and prevent anyone from locating you.
  • You thrown away your mobile phone along with the sim card and buy a new one or start using 'Burner' phone.
  • You thrown away your laptop and buy a new one, making sure no username that connects to you is ever used.
  • You even change city and state..
  • You got found within a day :)

You are asking how?

One thing is much harder for you to change. It's called Social habits.

  • Your habit is to have a breakfast at restaurant at about 9am and your new phone goes with you.
  • You enjoy taking a long walk at the park after your breakfast. Your new phone is walking with you.
  • Do you like rock music, and have a habit of visiting gigs each friday? Your new phone too!

Now give me all the phones that used to connect to a base stations in the restaurant, park, rock name it at the specific time patterns. Number of matches: 1. gotya!

More one knows about your social habits - it's less likely to fall under group making your thumbprint unique.

It's difficult to change your social habits. Assuming someone is after you, be sure to change them the very same time you change your device.

Now let's take a quick look on Facebook New Feature "Random questions to get you know better".
If you not so regular Facebook user, you are unlikely to notice that tiny little section of "Random Question" in the bottom left section of the page.

Some random questions?

To give some examples of "random" question, among many.

Why is that in place, is it for marketing purposes? Most likely it's used for marketing as well. But assuming you posses some valuable informations, or there's another point of interest, don't get surprised to "accidentally" meet the blonde of your dream, that happens to drink strong coffee, that you happen to see again at your favorite rock concert that is likely to extract from you whatever is needed with ease.

Now combine that with Reverse Social Engineering.

It's kind a fun living in cyber-punk age, right?
2.2 Billion active monthly users, and assuming you posses that data and need any single of them, this gives you an ability to mess somebodies life real hard in every possible way in his life, while everything looks spontaneous ;)

It's interesting that the success rate of pointing "conspiracy theorists" into totally wrong direction is that high, while making them use the tools that are in front of their nose. At least, it's way cheaper that "James bond" alike devices and "satellites" from the sci-fi movies. The simple solutions always work best.

What's the final in this cyber war?

Whoever control that data, is able to achieve almost any goal, while utilizing people that are totally unaware, by causing spontaneous, yet controlled reactions that are almost impossible to reconnect with the final goal. If you think Russia is the mother of fake news, then US would be the father of social engineering.

Of-course, don't shut at the blonde of your dream if it happens that she knows to change the tire. It might be a coincidence :)

Stefan Ćertić
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