POS terminal PIN-based Scam is Getting Popular Again

Usually, applied in small value purchases.

POS terminal PIN-based Scam is Getting Popular Again

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Usually, applied in small value purchases (>100$) with POS Credit Card payments is raising on popularity.

A Brief Concept:

  • You decide to pay for a dinner with your card, usually at cheap restaurant, airport or tourist location.
  • Waiter skips the step of entering the amount, and proceed to ask you to enter your pin.
  • You enter your pin, which is very likely to be more then an order by a probability (unless it starts with 00) and push the green button.
  • After a small waiting, he prompts you to try again because of failed transaction.
  • You enter your PIN once again, actually confirming your transaction for the amount equal to your PIN.

Chargeback? Unlikely, since you authorized the transaction, probably without even keeping a copy of your bill. If additionally asked to sign, be sure to double check :)

BONUS / how to scam a scammer:

Noticed there is no "Enter PIN" prompt? Just enter 0001 and watch the face after a receipt :)

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