How you are getting located.

You are not located by your cell phone or laptop. It's by your social habits.

How you are getting located?

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Despite technology development, social engineering is still used in combination with advanced technologies to discover and prevent crimes. However, in wrong hands, it might be powerfull tool to compromise your personal security. Especially today, when many hackers have access to SS7 network, with ability to execute GSM Map commands such as PSI (Provide Subscriber Information) and ATI (Any time interrogation) used to disclose your phone Cell ID location and similr data.

Wrong Way

  • You decide to become invisible and prevent anyone from locating you.
  • You thrown away your mobile phone along with the sim card and buy a new one or start using 'Burner' phone.
  • You thrown away your laptop and buy a new one, making sure no username that connects to you is ever used.
  • You even change city and state..
  • You got found within a day :)

You are asking how.

One thing is not so easy for you to change. It's called Social habits.

  • Your habit is to have a breakfast at restaurant at about 9am. Your new phone goes with you
  • You enjoy taking a long walk at the park after your breakfast. Your new phone is walking with you
  • Do you like rock music, and have a habit of visiting gigs each friday? Your new phone too!

Now give me all the phones that used to connect to a base stations in the restaurant, park, rock name it at the specific time patterns.
Number of matches: 1. gotya!

It's difficult to change your social habits. Asuming someone is after you, be sure to change them the very same time you change your device.

Stefan Ćertić
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